Are Tow-Pac trike kits different from other trike conversions?

Priced thousands less than complete trike conversions, Tow-Pac trike kits allow you to attach and use the kit without having to make permanent and expensive alterations to your motorcycle or scooter.  Your motorcycle remains stock.  It will still drive and brake from the motorcycle wheels.  Our bolt-on kits are also quickly removable allowing you go back and forth between trike and bike any time you wish!

Does Tow-Pac sell motorcycles or just trike kits?

Tow-Pac manufactures and sells our trike kits only.  We do not sell motorcycles themselves except on the rare occasion we decide to sell one of our demonstrator bikes.

How do I order?
Is it possible to install a kit myself?

Tow-Pac trike kits bolt onto existing points on the frame of your motorcycle.  Most people with basic mechanical skills and tools will have no problem installing our kits.  Each kit comes with a customized installation manual and we have a tech support line available for assistance (815-937-1079).

What custom colors are available?

Tow-Pac does not offer custom color matching services.  Our fiberglass fenders come with a glossy black gel coat finish.  Our steel fenders ship with a bare and unpainted finish.  Either fender can be easily prepped and painted by the owner or professional paint shop. 

What wheel sizes are available on Tow-Pac trike kits?

The Insta Trike is available in 8 inch steel or 12 and 14 inch aluminum wheels.

E-Trike is available with 12 or 14 inch aluminum wheels

GoKit can be had with 8 inch steel or 12 inch aluminum wheel

MiniTrike is available in 8 inch steel or 12 and 14 inch aluminum wheels

Which motorcycle models are Tow-Pac trike kits available for?

Tow-Pac trike kits currently fit well over 200 different makes and models of motorcycles and scooters.  We most likely already have a kit available for your specific motorcycle.  Please feel free to contact us for specific model availability questions. 

815-936-0923 or 815-937-1079

Why are there different types of Tow-Pac trike kits?

Tow-Pac offers different models of trike kits based on budget, make/model of motorcycle (or scooter), and performance characteristics. 

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