Can I get the kit and fenders painted to match my motorcycle or scooter?

Fenders come in fiberglass black gel coat only which can be used as is or painted to match your motorcycle. Tow-Pac, Inc does not offer color matching/painting services.

Can I have my Insta Trike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini kit installed by a professional?

Sure! Your kit can be installed by a Tow-Pac Tech or a Tow-Pac Dealer , however price may vary (please check with the specific Dealer or Tow-Pac Tech for specific information).

Can I install a InstaTrike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini myself?

The InstaTrike, Mini Trike and Micro Mini when ordered, comes with instructions for a fast and easy installation.

What makes an InstaTrike, MiniTrike and MicroMini different from other trike conversions?

The Insta Trike, Mini Trike and MicroMini allow the owner to attach and use the kit without having to make permanant and expensive alterations to your motorcyce or scooter.

What size wheels come on the Insta Trike and Mini Trike?

The Insta Trike and Mini Trike can be ordered with standard 8 inch wheels or deluxe 12 inch aluminum wheels.

Will the Insta Trike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini affect my gas mileage or ground clearance?

With the Insta Trike, Mini Trike or Micro Mini there is no loss of ground clearance and has minimal impact on fuel economy.


How do I fix front end wobble?

Inflate front tire to 5lbs. over manufacturer’s recommendation making sure you do not over inflate. Also, check preload on trike wheels. If you can’t turn trike wheels by hand then reduce your preload.

How much can I tow with my trike kit installed?

Towing capacity is limited to that specified by the specific motorcycle model

Tire alignment

Air pressure 32-50 psi. Tire wheels must be aligned parrellel with motorcycle rear wheel.

Why are my trike tires wearing out?

Trike tires can come out of alignment. Check air pressure in tires to make sure they are 50psi. Align trike wheels to motorcyle wheels according to the installation manual. (Manuals can also be purchased)

Why does my suspension feel too stiff?

You may have to much preload on your trike wheels, raise the trike wheels.

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